Katie Rose Kammerude

Greetings and welcome to Mrs. Kammerude’s ASR 6 classroom! The students in my class will participate in the general education classroom with Mr. Greer’s 6th grade classroom. I am excited to start my fifth school year here at Spero Academy. I have been working in education for the last 8 years with early childhood and elementary school students. I have taught 1st grade, Kindergarten, PLS2, and ASR 5 here at Spero Academy. This will be my first year as the ASR 6 teacher and I am excited to get to know you and your students and work as a team to watch them learn and grow throughout the year.

My goal this year is to provide my students with skills and abilities they will need to continue their success here and in the future in middle school. We will continue to build on our literacy skills and work towards using strategies we have learned, while learning new strategies to tackle comprehension, phonics and our writing skills. Math will focus on developing our problem solving skills and using math in ways that are functional and applicable in real life! We will also work on learning strategies to regulate our bodies while continuing to build and use our social skills.

I hope to encourage students’ learning through experiential learning, with hands on and practical experiences, that they will be able to generalize throughout many settings both in school and in the community at large. Our classroom will be collaborative, welcoming and encouraging for every student!

I have been happily married to my husband Brad for about a year. We live in Newport, MN with our 2 cats, Daenerys and Luna. We enjoy traveling together and are often traveling at least once a month to a new state as he runs a marathon in every state and I cheer from the sideline.  

Spero Academy is my second home and I absolutely LOVE working here! I serve on the Board of Directors and chair our Marketing committee.