ASR 1 

Taryn McGovern

Greetings from Ms. Taryn! This is my ninth year providing special education services here at Spero Academy!  In addition to teaching, I serve as the secretary on the Board of Directors here at Spero and am the chair of the accountability committee. 

My goal this year is to help all of my students reach their greatest potential in the areas of academics, social skills, and functional skills! We will work to increase independence in the classroom and the school community.

This year we are going to expand our basic literacy skills in reading and writing using the Four Blocks Literacy Framework, practice counting and numbers, as well as various other math skills, using the EQUALS curriculum, and various topics in science and social studies. We will also improve our skills in following instructions and participating in classroom activities.

I live in Vadnais Heights with my husband Matt, my 10-year-old son Keagan, and our two dogs Bootsy Croutonne and Princess Peanut Butter.