Sarah Neitzell

PLS 2 Supply List


Hi! I’m Sarah, and I’m very excited to be teaching PLS 2 again this year. I began my work in special education as a paraprofessional at Spero Academy in 2017, have been teaching PLS 2 since 2019, and am currently studying to complete a Master's Degree in Academic Behavioral Strategy at the University of St. Thomas.

I am committed to the holistic support of each student I have the honor of teaching. Beyond gaining academic knowledge, my goal for my students is that they will develop the skills of self advocacy, communication, functional independent living, and emotional wellness and regulation. Classroom staff will guide students to explore this learning through the integration of all the senses and uniquely individualized content that engages all learners. Learning in PLS 2 looks like seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, movement, and a healthy dose of silliness. I value providing students plenty of room for freedom, choice, and creativity while in the safe space of a structured environment with clear expectations. It’s in this environment that the PLS 2 team creates a safe and dynamic space for valuable learning, which is uniquely individualized for each student.

In my personal life I center creativity, spontaneity, and fun! My expressions have included painting, printmaking, and music, but I love to explore new mediums and experiences.  I also enjoy traveling, spending time in nature, and biking. I believe that learning-like the rest of life- is explorative, and I’m so excited to see where this year takes us in PLS 2!