Reminder: Board Election Ballots Due May 29

The final day to vote in the 2020 Board Elections is May 29, 2020. 

Three candidates have indicated their willingness to serve one, two or three (3)-year terms on the Spero Academy Board. Each parent/guardian of a student enrolled at Spero Academy and the staff employed at Fraser Academy in the 2019-20 school year comprise the eligible voters. The by-laws for Spero Academy state that the Board's ideal composition has the following representations: 3 special education or general education representatives, 3 parents of currently enrolled students, 2 Spero Academy teachers, and 3 community representatives. Write-in candidates are welcome. Votes must indicate from the above categories the ones appropriate for all write-in candidates. The governance committee reports the election results to the Board. The Board certifies the results, including resolution of any ties in the write-in category. The new Board begins its term in July 2020.

Voters may secure and return ballots in person or online.