We can learn together!​​

Spero Academy understands the importance of strong collaboration between its staff, administration and families. This partnership promotes the value of educating the whole child both in and out of the classroom. Spero Academy offers three types of classrooms in order to support the ability levels of all students. Although students may be placed in specific classrooms, all classrooms work within their grade levels and throughout the school to be welcoming and support inclusiveness of all their students no matter what their ability level. Visit each grade level page for teacher biographies and contact information. 

Classroom Descriptions

Personalized Learning Support Classrooms

In the Personalized Learning Support (PLS) classroom students receive individualized instruction in almost all academic areas from a licensed special education teacher.   The PLS classroom can have up to 8 students with additional staff to support the students’ education.  The student population has met special education eligibility criteria to receive specialized instruction.  These students receive this specialized instruction in the areas of communication skills, core academic and functional academic skills, social and emotional skills, and fine and gross motor skills.   Alternative curriculum may be used or the general education curriculum may be modified for students in the classroom.  The PLS classroom may also be appropriate for students who may be tracking well academically but need additional support with their social, emotional and behavioral skills.

Academic Support Rooms

In the Academic Support Room (ASR) students are provided with additional targeted instruction for the core academic areas in literacy, mathematics, and writing.  The classroom is typically taught by a licensed special education teacher and with additional support staff.  An ASR classroom at Spero Academy may have up to 9 students and is similar to a pull-out resource room one might find in another school district.  Alternative curriculum may be used or the general education curriculum may be modified for students in this classroom.  Accommodations may also be made for students in order to access the general education curriculum. Some students who are tracking academically may be served in an ASR classroom if they require additional support in the area of social/emotional and behavioral skills. 

Grade Level Classrooms

In the Grade Level (GL) classrooms students receive instruction at their designated grade level with instruction also being individualized to meet their specific learning needs.  The GL classroom may have up to 15 students, typically taught by a teacher licensed in both elementary education and special education and with additional support staff.  General education curriculum is used in the GL classroom. Accommodations and some modifications may be used for students as needed.  Instruction may be taught as a whole group and within small groups to accommodate for different learning styles and needs with teaching being explicit, specific, and personalized.