Health Services

Roxann Manaen School Nurse

Roxann Manaen - School Nurse



Kateva Jackson Health Services Assistant

Kateva Jackson - Health Services Assistant


The Health Service support at Spero Academy is one that uses a combination of a School Nurse and Health Services Assistants (HSAs). HSAs perform health office clerical functions, care for ill and injured students, and carry out delegated nursing activities performed under the School Nurse’s supervision.

The School Nurse is responsible for coordinating and managing the health needs of individual students during the school day as well as promoting health and safety for all students at the school. The School Nurse also provides training, delegation/supervision of the HSAs and is responsible for school heath program planning, quality assurance and responding to crises.

The entire school health team works with families, students and staff to promote and maintain a healthy and safe learning environment.

Click here for Health Services Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions.