2nd Grade

Maggie Corbin

2nd Grade School Supply List

My name is Maggie Corbin and I am so excited to welcome all of your students to second grade! I have worked in special education for a combined 9 years as a paraprofessional and an assistant teacher. This is my fourth year working at Spero Academy and my first year working as a teacher. I have my Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education from Grand Canyon University.

The second grade class will be working closely with their peers in ASR2 and PLS2 to support inclusion for all students. I know that every student can succeed and I focus on meeting students’ individual goals while also teaching the Minnesota state standards. At Spero Academy we believe in whole-body and social/emotional approaches to learning, which means that all students will participate in regulation and social skills classes. I look forward to working closely with the second grade families to support students’ individual needs and help them to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.

I live in Uptown Minneapolis with my roommates and my cat, Hugo. I love being outdoors hiking, camping, and paddle boarding. My indoor hobbies include going to concerts, listening to podcasts, reading, and playing my favorite 80s role playing game: Dungeons & Dragons!

See you in 2nd grade!

-Ms. Corbin