Erica Kirsch


Hello! My name is Erica Kirsch and I am the Visual Arts Instructor here at Spero Academy. My goal as an art instructor is to provide students with meaningful opportunities for artistic and social-emotional growth in a culturally responsive learning environment where students feel a sense of belonging and community. Following a whole-child approach to learning, I truly value the unique qualities and energy that each student brings to our classroom and strive to create an environment where students feel safe to take risks, make mistakes, and be themselves.

I have been working with individuals with special needs for 14 years and have been teaching here at Spero Academy for the last 6 school years. I am a graduate of Augsburg College and hold a teaching license in Visual Arts Education and Special Education as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art and a Master's of Arts in Education. I live in South Minneapolis with my husband Adam and our cat Maki. In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors and traveling. I also love canoeing, camping, reading, biking, and gardening.

I feel blessed to be a part of Spero Academy and am excited to launch our schoolwide Visual Arts program this year! Feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to get involved. I love hearing from families and welcome parent involvement in our art program!