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Please contact Spero Academy if you have any questions regarding these forms. 

Parents are required to complete forms annually to keep their student's health information up to date. These must be recevied by the Health Services Office prior to the first day of school.

Additionally, starting for the 2019-2020 School Year, due to new legislation, schools are required to collect more detailed ethnic and racial demographic information for students. This legislation is referred to as the “All Kids Count Act,” and the more detailed reporting is called data disaggregation. Read the full text of the legislation: Minnesota Statutes, sections 120B.31, subdivision 3a, and 120B.35, subdivision 3. Please submit this form for your student whether they are new or returning to Spero Academy for another school year.

Ethnic and Racial Demographic Designation Form (Google Form)

Ethnic and Racial Demographic Designation Form (PDF)


Student Health Information

Essential health information about your child - who is authorized to pick them up, emergency conditions, allergies, preferred hospital, doctor & insurance info, medication authorization, immunizations, etc.

Health Information: Minneapolis Health Information: Brooklyn Park


Parent Questionnaire

A questionnaire for parents or guardians to share experiences and expections - previous schools, likes, dislikes, hobbies, siblings, routines, strengths problem areas, etc.

Parent Questionnaire: Minneapolis Parent Questionnaire: Brooklyn Park


Authorized Alternate Pick-Up Form

Please complete this form for each individual adult authorized to pick up your child.

Alternate Pick-Up: Minneapolis Alternate Pick-Up: Brooklyn Park


Medication Change Form

Complete and submit this form for any changes to your child's prescription medication changes. A new completed Medical Administration in School Form and container label with new pharmacy instructions shall be required immediately as well.

Medication Change: Minneapolis 


Field Trip Permission Form

Please fill out the form for each student to authorize their attendance on supervised field trips.

Field Trip Form: Minneapolis Field Trip Form: Brooklyn Park


Media Release Form

Spero Academy may wish to use video or audio recordings of your child or student work for promotional and educational reasons, such as in publications, posters, brochures, newsletters, social media accounts, and videos. Please note that Spero Academy will never release your child’s name or other identifying information with his or her picture or video

Media Release: Minneapolis Media Release: Brooklyn Park


Information Change Form

Complete this form if you have or will be changing information (Phone, Address, Email).

Info Change: Minneapolis  


Transportation Form

Spero Academy may provide transportation to and from your residence during school hours.  If you live outside the area, you must provide your own transportation to school or to a designated bus stop, unless indicating in an IEP.
Please note: Any changes in transportation require the completion of a new form. Transportation changes can take up to two weeks to process.

Transportation Form: Minneapolis Transportation Form: Brooklyn Park 


School Release Form

This school release form is to be used for IEP-based off-campus weekly therapy, vacations, or extended illness.

School Release Form: Minneapolis  


Ethnic and Racial Demographic Designation Form

In an effort to assist Minnesota districts in providing targeted programs and services to help all students succeed, districts are required by law to request more detailed student ancestry or ethnic origin information based on Minnesota’s largest groups, beyond what has been collected on enrollment forms under federal law since 2008...

Demographic Form: Brooklyn Park


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