Photo of Diane Pangal

Diane Pangal

Executive Director

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Photo of Alex Becerra

Alex Becerra

Principal - Minneapolis

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Photo of Gilbert Hale

Gilbert Hale

Principal - Brooklyn Park

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Photo of Susan Scheller

Susan Scheller

Academic Director

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Photo of Brittany Crouse

Brittany Crouse

Academic Coordinator - Brooklyn Park

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Photo of Alexis Perrizo

Alexis Perrizo

Special Education Manager

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Kelly Tidemann

Kelly Tiedemann

Licensed Special Education Director

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Photo of Hannah Stoesz

Hannah Stoesz

Special Education Coordinator - Minneapolis

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Photo of Edi Becerra-Beltran

Edi Becerra-Beltran

Operations Director

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Devin Taylor

Accountability Director

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Selma Dahir

MA Specialist

Photo of Kristy Erickson

Kristy Erickson

Operations Coordinator

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Photo of Alison Fisch-Gonnella

Alison Fisch-Gonnella

Due Process Specialist

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Photo of Kateva Jackson

Kateva Jackson

MA Billing Manager

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Cindy Lee

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Lindsay Montana

Lindsay Montana

Benefit/Hiring Coordinator

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Lee Rauworth

Technology Integration and State Reporting Manager

Photo of Allie Stevens

Allie Stevens

Special Education Coordinator - Brooklyn Park

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Marie Wiley

Academic Specialist - Brooklyn Park

Damara Wright

Academic Specialist - Minneapolis