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What Is Open Enrollment For Schools?

In many school districts across the United States, the school system you attend is dictated by the district you live in. This model can be problematic when the higher performing schools are located in districts with more expensive real estate, creating socioeconomic divisions within education quality. It’s also a problem when schools that provide essential services that children with special needs such as autism or another disability need to succeed academically are located outside that child’s district of residence.

Spero Academy believes that educational opportunities should not be limited by a family’s zip code. That’s why we are so proud to be located in a state that practices open enrollment for schools.

What is Open Enrollment for Schools?

When you hear the words “open enrollment,” your first thought is probably of health insurance. Open enrollment for health insurance is the period every year when you have the opportunity to enroll in a health insurance plan or make changes to your coverage if you are already enrolled.

However, there’s another important open enrollment period that takes place every year in Minnesota: open enrollment for Minnesota public schools.

Minnesota is one of only 25 states to have mandatory interdistrict open enrollment. That means that each year, public schools are required to participate in a period during which students may enroll in a public school system outside their own district. Some states also observe voluntary open enrollment or intradistrict open enrollment policies, which allow students to move between schools within a district but not between districts.

Mandatory interdistrict open enrollment allows students and families to seek – and access – the educational environment and resources they need, without being limited by the zip code of their home address.

Open Enrollment for Charter Schools

Open enrollment includes all schools in the Minnesota Public School system, which opens the doors to a variety of school enrollment options for families to choose from, including charter schools, alternative learning programs, and online learning.

As you may already know, Spero Academy is a charter school. Charter schools are independent public schools that provide educational opportunities for students seeking an alternative to traditional public schools. They might be seeking special services, a specialized mission or educational focus (such as the arts), or simply a more unique learning environment.

Charter schools do not charge admission, do not have admission requirements, and are required to participate in state and national assessments. There are currently over 160 charter schools operating in Minnesota, serving over 57,000 K-12 students.

Spero Academy is a tuition-free charter school in Northeast Minneapolis with programs designed to support students with autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities. In 2017, our enrollment passed the 100-student mark for the first time. While we’re thrilled to grow our community, we remain committed to small class sizes to enhance the learning experience.

When is the Open Enrollment Period for Spero Academy?

The open enrollment period for the 2018-2019 school year at Spero Academy will close at midnight on January 31, 2018.

How do I Enroll My Child at Spero Academy?

To apply for enrollment at Spero Academy for the 2018-2019 school year, visit our enrollment page to complete an application. Applications are available via Google Form or PDF. You can submit your application by mailing, scanning, emailing, faxing, or delivering in person to Spero Academy courtesy of our enrollment staff.

Spero Academy
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If you’re interested in enrolling at Spero Academy, we encourage you to arrange a tour! We love giving tours to new or prospective Speros. Tours are typically offered on select Wednesdays at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm. To schedule a tour, submit our Tour Request Form or call 612-465-8633.