2nd Grade

Kim Michlin
612-465-8600, voicemail 613

2nd Grade Supply List

Welcome to 2nd Grade. I am excited to start my 7th year at Spero Academy. I am a Luther College alum with a degree in Elementary Education. I am also licensed in Learning Disabilities, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. This summer I started working towards finishing my Masters at the University of St. Thomas.  

My goal for this year is for the 2nd graders to continue to learn the tools and strategies to help them become better learners. I want them to feel successful in what they do and to love learning. My main goal is to really work on growth mindset strategies. These strategies will help students persevere when things get tough, learn from their mistakes, and think of challenges as a place to learn. 

This year we will build reading and writing strategies using a balanced literacy approach. We will work on learning story elements, identifying the main purpose or author’s message of a text, and understanding both informational texts and literature. Students will also learn strategies to help them read high frequency words and learn phonetic skills using word study activities. In math, we will continue to build addition and subtraction fluency, work with place value for numbers to 100 and learn strategies for multi-digit addition and subtraction. Other topics include Air and Weather, Plants and Animals, Researching Skills, Government, Geography and Engineering. 

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family. My husband, Matt, and I have 2 kids, Jonah (4 years old) and Annika (1 year old) and two dogs. I enjoy reading as much as possible and being crafty when I can. Our family loves Minnesota winters, trying to get outside to play hockey, broomball, or just playing in the snow.

I look forward to building a strong team and collaborating with families. I know this will be a fantastic year!