4th Grade

Susan Seiple
612-465-8600, voicemail 606

4th Grade School Supply List

Hi! I'm Susan Seiple, this year’s fourth grade teacher. This is my third year at Spero Academy, but my 20th year teaching (gulp!). I am super excited to be teaching fourth grade this year and look forward to a fun and successful year.

My goal is for all of my students is to grow academically at their individual levels and to feel successful in all that they do and in all that they try. I want them to have meaningful experiences and to learn from all of their social and emotional interactions.

As in every year that they have completed so far, the students will be working hard toward the standards, making sure to cover as much as we can, giving them exposure to all that they deserve to know and learn.  That being said, I will move at a rate that works for each individual student. Each month I will send home a newsletter letting you know what we are working on, in all areas.

Outside of school, I try to relax and enjoy time with my husband, read, watch movies, bike, take my three dogs for walks, and be a mom (he’s almost 25, so I’m enjoying a whole new parent/child relationship). I am also very close to my family and enjoy spending lots of time with them. 

I am looking forward to a fantastic year!