3rd Grade

Betsy Hatt

Third Grade School Supply List

In Reading we will work on many learning targets, including reading fluency (reading a text with accuracy, speed and expression), identifying themes within and across stories, describing characters in a story and using our knowledge of phonics and patterns in words to decode new words.

In Math, our focus will be on targets to include: solving problems with numbers to 1,000 using addition and subtraction, telling time to the minute, using tools to measure time, perimeter and temperature, identifying and classifying 2D and 3D objects and working on creating a story to represent a multiplication and division number sentence.

In Writing we will build on our previously learned skills and work on writing an opinion with supporting details.

In Science we will study water and climate, structures of life and motion and matter.  

In Social Studies we will busy examining and creating maps, looking at individual rights in a democracy and how they shape life in the United States, identifying and describing the function of the three branches of government and the role of consumers and producers in an economy.

We will also have a chance to work with our therapists to enhance our social/emotional development as well as our writing skills throughout the week!

I am excited for a year full of fun, engaging and exciting learning opportunities!