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August 30, 2022

Updated Covid Mitigation Recommendations

View our latest Covid19 School Mitigation procedures and recommendations.



May 23, 2022

Emergency Closing  


Good afternoon Spero Families, 

As some of you may know, Spero Academy is experiencing an internal spread of COVID-19. We currently have three grade levels closed and our highest count of cases to date. In addition, the majority of cases involve those who are vaccinated and boostered. 

In order to provide the best health and safety measures for students and staff and to attempt to stop the internal spread, Spero Academy will be closed on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, Wednesday, May 25, 2022, and Thursday, May 26, 2022. The goal of this short closure is to prevent further spread and additional cases this week.

We understand that this decision is not ideal and may cause frustration and hardship for families. Unfortunately, this is the first time we have experienced an internal spread of COVID at this level and the numbers keep climbing. We need time for families and staff to continue to test and monitor results. During this time, we will thoroughly sanitize and clean the building. 

Staff will be working from home on end of the year tasks and due process work and should be available if you need to reach out with questions. Synchronous or asynchronous distance learning will not be provided during this emergency closure.

We hope these measures help stop the spread so we can finish our year with in-person learning. In addition, upon our return, we will continue to mask and implement distancing measures.  When school resumes, should further cases occur, Nurse Joan will continue to do contact tracing and follow the current CDC guidelines. If you are contacted by Nurse Joan, please respond to her as soon as you are able. 

We plan on seeing everybody back to school on Tuesday, May 31, 2022. Please, if possible, have your child take a COVID test before returning to school on Tuesday.  If you have insurance, you can pick up free tests at many pharmacies. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly. 

Diane Pangal




March 17, 2022

The state of MN and Hennepin County are now in the low risk category for rate of transmission. In addition MDH released (yesterday) new guidelines for managing COVID in schools. General mask-wearing is no longer a part of COVID management/mitigation. Therefore, starting Monday March 21 mask-wearing will be optional for all staff and students at Spero.
A few changes were also made to quarantine and isolation guidelines.

COVID testing on Thursdays will continue. 

Updated: Spero COVID-19 Plan

November 16, 2021

As we enter the winter months, we want to send a message to our Spero community to acknowledge the increase in COVID case numbers in the area. Spero administrative and health services staff are diligently monitoring information including daily case updates provided by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Spero continues to prioritize the safety of our students and staff, while promoting a caring and supportive atmosphere to ensure all emotional and physical needs are addressed. The administrative staff and the COVID team meet regularly to discuss the impact of COVID and whether our current learning model is appropriate. At this time, we have decided to continue in-person learning as we feel it provides the highest quality of education for our student population. Though we are not changing our learning model or moving to distance learning at this time, this decision requires everyone involved in the Spero community to follow all recommended guidelines.

Currently, Spero is following the strictest CDC/MDH guidelines to continue our close exposure policy to identify any close contacts and notify within two hours of notice of positive case; close contacts to be picked up/sent home as soon as possible; all areas to be disinfected.

In order to address the increasing numbers within our community, the following mitigation strategies will be continued or implemented to reduce the risk of spread:

  • Voluntary weekly testing for staff and students conducted by School Nurse (contact Nurse Joan to sign-up)
  • Students and staff must stay home when ill: fever, headache, sore throat, severe cough/congestion, fatigue, body aches. If not sure check with Nurse Joan before sending student to school/reporting to work
  • Masks at all times for staff and for students who are able
  • Frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizer stations
  • Gloves whenever dealing with bodily fluids
  • Sending staff and students home when exhibiting sign of illness: fever, headache, sore throat, vomiting, new onset of shortness of breath
    • Rapid test can be done at school immediately and test kit can be sent home for further testing
    • May return to school if tests negative and symptoms are improving
  • Quarantine of 14 days for positive test results and close contact with a household member who tests positive; test kits can be sent home with students/staff with clear directions for when to test
  • Quarantine of 10 days OR a negative test 5 days for in-school exposure
  • Testing for all close contacts and all who are exhibiting symptoms
  • Reduce any grade level mixed groupings for a temporary period after Winter Break (this means pausing rotations between classes, reading buddies, and any other mixed grade activity) 
  • Reduce large group activities (virtual STAR assemblies)
  • Staggered recess times to reduce congestion at the playground doors 
    • 11:20-11:50, 12:00-12:30, 12:40-1:10, 1:15-1:45
  • Additional classroom cleaning and disinfection
    • Paraprofessionals may come in at 8:00 

We are one of the few school districts following the strictest of measures. Due to lack of mandatory guidelines from MDH, some districts are opting to offer shortened quarantines and many do not require a negative test for persons identified as close contacts. In addition, many districts/schools do not have a school nurse to assist with monitoring the COVID situation. 

Even with our resolve to remain in-person, we know there is a lot of apprehension regarding potential interruptions to learning. The current staffing shortage, lack of subs, and the necessary absence of staff due to illness and exposure impact both the amount and quality of learning that can be achieved during the school day. Fortunately, there is a way that family and friends of Spero Academy can help us mitigate these challenges and sustain our learning model. 

Friends and family are welcomed and encouraged to join our team, providing critical support to our students and our hardworking staff. Whether you are looking for full-time or part-time, your experience, support, and care for our students could provide the stability we need to get through this difficult time together. Please reach out to Alex Becerra or Nurse Joan with any questions. 

With gratitude, 

Spero Academy Leadership & Health Services

November 16, 2021

Updated: Spero Academy 2021-2022 Covid Plan

November 16, 2021

The recent approval of COVID-19 vaccination for elementary school children is a major milestone in the ongoing effort to keep students safe and in school. To ensure that all of our students have equitable access to this protection, we are partnering with The Autism Society of Minesota and the Multicultural Autism Action Network to provide this Sensory-Friendly clinic. Details below!

October 21, 2021

Updated: Spero Academy 2021-2022 Covid Plan

September 27, 2021

Updated: Spero Academy 2021-2022 Covid Plan

August 3rd, 2021

Updated: Spero Academy 2021-2022 Covid Plan

July 15, 2021

Spero Academy 2021-2022 Covid Plan


Spero Academy 2021-2022 Covid-19 Plan Public Comments

March 15, 2021

Revised Reopening Plan

February 18, 2021

Learning Model Update

Hello Spero families, 

I hope this update finds you well and you are enduring our cold and snowy winter. 

Yesterday, Governor Walz announced the continuing prioritization of the return to in-person learning for elementary, middle, and high school students. The state has updated the Safe Learning Plan to reflect the mitigation strategies to help students return safely to the classroom.  Here is the Minnesota “Safe Learning Plan for the 2020/21 School Year.” The areas highlighted in gray reflect the updates to the plan.

In light of this updated state guidance we have made the decision to move into a full in-person learning model beginning on Monday, April 12, 2021.

In order to safely return to full in-person learning we have updated Spero Academy’s safety measures: 

  • The state has increased vaccinations available to educators and the majority of Spero staff have started the vaccination process which will take us close to the end of March for completion. Drivers and Aides are in the vaccination process as well.
  • We will continue to include testing for all on-site staff every two weeks.
  • We will continue to monitor pods of 3-6 students as deemed appropriate. 
  • We strongly recommend that students and families who are learning in-person or in a hybrid learning model receive a COVID-19 test every two weeks. Families can find locations for free COVID-19 testing on MDH’s website
  • We will continue to request daily health screenings for staff and students.
  • The state has increased funding for PPE and we have a strong supply of masks and shields for staff and students. 
  • The building is sanitized throughout the day as well as every morning. 
  • We will continue to monitor community data for when we may want to reconsider moving to a more restrictive model. 

As always, we are implementing a slow roll out to return to full in-person learning. I know - we are abundantly cautious! We believe our slow roll-outs have been instrumental in maintaining our safety protocols, leading to minimal possible exposures to COVID-19. The students have practiced social distancing and are slowly becoming comfortable wearing masks. 

Below is the anticipated calendar to return us to full in-person learning: 

  • February 22, 2021- March 25, 2021: Continue in the current hybrid model until Spring Break. 
  • March 29, 2021 - April 1, 2021: Spring Break
  • April 5, 2021- April 8, 2021: Fall back to Distance Learning and childcare is closed while we prep for the return to full in-person learning. 
  • Monday, April 12, 2021: Begin full, four day in-person instruction! 

It is hard to believe that we are finally returning to in-person learning almost exactly a year from when we first moved to Distance Learning. As we take this next step, please know that we remain cautious. The health and safety measures we have taken throughout the school year, along with an increasing percentage of staff vaccination, will continue to help ensure the health and safety of our students, staff, and families.

If you are currently in Distance Learning and would like to return to full in-person learning on April 12, 2021, please email: frontdesk@spero.academy. If you are unsure and would like to visit the building to view safety measures, please reach out to me and I would be happy to show you through the building on a Friday or at the end of a school day. 

Thank you for your continued support of Spero Academy throughout this pandemic. We appreciate your thoughtful input and willingness to follow our lead as we guide Spero students to reach their individual potential. 


January 5, 2021

Hybrid 2.0 Rollout Plan

Dear Spero Families,

Greetings! Welcome back to the 2021 school year. We at Spero appreciate so much the work you are doing to help us in educating your students.  Thank you for your support and dedication to our school. We would like to give you an update on the next steps to reopening Spero Academy for the 2020-2021 school year.  Beginning January 19th, we will begin carefully rolling out our hybrid program which will slowly transition into 3 different phases. 

Our goal is to return students to instruction and do so in a safe way.  Last September we chose a slow and steady approach to our initial hybrid rollout.  By taking that extra time and making each decision carefully, we were able to successfully complete 9 full weeks of hybrid while protecting our staff and students. We were also able to identify what works and what doesn’t and have a better idea of what to expect. And so, as promised, we feel we are able to move more swiftly into our hybrid plan this time around, by welcoming all grades back beginning January 19th with the half day hybrid program. 

Phase 1:  January 19 - February 11th.  K-6 half day hybrid program. 

Phase 2:  February 16th - TBD. K-6 full day hybrid program.    

Phase 3:  TBD  All school K-6 return to full day in person learning.

Attached you will find the Spero Academy Hybrid 2.0 Rollout 2020-2021 document which will give you a more detailed description of  the phases and reopening plans.  

Please note that 100% distance learning will be available for those families who prefer this option.  With that in mind we are asking that you fill out the following survey to let us know your Learning Preference as we go forward with our reopening plan. Please complete this by 1/13/21 so that we can plan our student groups and learning locations. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.  

Best Regards,

The Spero Academy Leadership Team

December 4, 2020

Revised Reopening Plan

Dear Spero Families,

  Greetings!  We hope this update finds you all healthy and safe. We would like to give you an update on the next steps to reopening Spero Academy. Following winter break, we will begin the process of consulting with MDE, MDH, and Minneapolis Dept. of Health (MHD) as well as maintaining a watch on  COVID-19 county data. Below you will find the revised Spero Academy Reopening 2020-2021 document that will outline this process in more detail. We have made some changes and additions to the plan and they are highlighted in gray. Some new items to look for are the addition of a Phase 4 and Phase 5 to the hybrid plan as well as a Snow Emergency plan. 

Please note that 100% distance learning will continue to be available for those families who prefer this option.  

We at Spero appreciate so much the work you are doing to help us in educating your students during this year’s second round of distance learning.  Thank you for your support and dedication to our school.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. 

Best Regards,

The Spero Academy Leadership Team

Spero Academy Reopening 2020-2021

October 26, 2020

Learning Model Follow Up

Hello Spero families, 

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate through these unprecedented times. Our leadership team has made the difficult decision to move back to Distance Learning starting the week of November 2nd. Distance Learning will start on Tuesday November 3rd. There will be NO SCHOOL or CHILDCARE on Monday November 2nd in order to give our teachers and staff time to prepare for the changes. I know this news is disappointing for both families and staff but we believe this is the safest option for all, considering the data and safety of our staff and students. 

Last week, we met with our consultation team from MDE, MDH, and the Minneapolis Department of Health to discuss our plans to transition back to Distance Learning. They approved of both our decision-making process and our decision to move to a more restrictive model before the onset of Winter and the upcoming holidays. They addressed the correlation between the recent MEA break and a rise in cases, which gives us an idea of how our numbers will be affected by both Thanksgiving and the Winter holidays. They were able to give us some guidance and some valuable information to support our decision, including community and racial/ethinic data, all of which serves to reinforce our belief that we are making the best decision for our population of students and staff.

We will continue to work closely with our consultation team, who will guide us as we make the transition back to Hybrid Learning in mid-January. With all we have learned, we are confident that this shift will be quicker and more seamless the second time around.  The Spero Academy Reopening Plan will be updated, emailed to families and posted on the website by the end of next week. 

If you have any questions or concerts, please contact Diane Pangal.

Thank you, 

Spero Leadership Team 

August 26, 2020

Reopening Plan Fall 2020

Last spring Spero Academy and our families faced a challenge they had never before experienced in the 16 years of the school’s operation.  With the onset of COVID-19 staff and families had to quickly adjust to a completely different method of teaching and learning than they were used to.   But thanks to the hard work of staff and families we did adjust.  This fall will once again bring us into a different way of teaching and learning but with the help and support of our families and the expertise of our staff we are confident that we will continue to provide quality instruction to our Spero students.  

In the middle of June the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) along with Governor Walz announced three possible scenarios with guidelines for each scenario for reopening schools for the 2020-2021 academic year.  These three scenarios are; Distance Learning, Hybrid Learning and In-Person Learning. 

On July 30, 2020 Governor Walz announced the plan for Minnesota for reopening schools.  The decision to reopen a school takes into account the virus’ spread in the surrounding county, and the district’s ability to meet public health requirements.  The Governor and Commissioner Reiker (MDE) stressed that county level data alone will not determine the learning model chosen by the district or charter school and that the ultimate decision would be left up to the individual schools. 

During this time, the school building will be restricted to Spero Academy staff, board members, and currently enrolled students. You can read more about our COVID-19 Visitor Procedure Guidelines.

Reopening Plan for Spero Academy: English Español

Distance Learning Plan for Students Opting Out of Reopening Plan: English Español



August, 2020

COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Planning for the Fall

Spero Academy was directed to develop three contingency plans to prepare for the 2020-21 school year using the three scenarios described below:

Scenario 1​: In-person learning for all students. In this planning scenario, schools should create as much space between students and teachers as is feasible during the day, but will not be held strictly to enforcing 6 feet of social distancing during primary instructional time in the classroom. Activities and extracurricular programming should continue to follow the ​COVID-19 Prevention Guidance for Youth, Student, and Child Care Programs. This scenario may be implemented if state COVID-19 metrics continue to stabilize and/or improve. All requirements in this guidance apply to scenario 1.

Scenario 2​: Hybrid model with strict social distancing and capacity limits. In this planning scenario, schools must limit the overall number of people in school facilities and on transportation vehicles to 50% maximum occupancy. Sufficient social distancing with at least 6 feet between people must occur at all times. If distancing cannot be achieved in a space or on a transportation vehicle, the number of occupants must be reduced. Schools must also include plans for contactless pick-up and/or delivery of meals and school materials for days that students and staff are not in the school building, as well as implementation of a school-age care program for critical workers. This scenario may be implemented if COVID-19 metrics worsen at the local, regional, or statewide level. Scenario 2 may also be implemented within a school if they experience clusters of cases within a classroom or the school. All requirements in this guidance apply to scenario 2, with additional requirements noted in the Social Distancing and Minimizing Exposure section noted for scenario 2 only.

Scenario 3​: Distance learning only. This scenario may be implemented if local, regional, or statewide COVID-19 metrics worsen significantly enough to require the suspension of in-person learning. The requirements in this guidance regarding in-person protections would not apply to the general school community, as students and staff would be utilizing distance learning and would not be gathering in groups on school grounds. However, schools may be open to provide emergency child care or other functions.

Preparedness Plan for each of these scenarios: here. 

July 29, 2020

2020-2021 Initial Fall Learning Scenario

Hello Spero Community,

We know the summer has been filled with uncertainty about how the new school year will look.  Spero Academy has been working hard to secure as much information as possible regarding the scenarios for school this fall. These scenarios outline instructional methods for the start of this school year. Additionally, we are aware that we may be asked to shift between each scenario, therefore, we need to be prepared for all three. Our administrative team has been working since before the 19-20 year ended to prepare plans and resources for our staff to be able to implement each of these scenarios successfully. We appreciate your patience while we took the time to understand the information released by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).

The Spero Academy Board of Directors, with input from the leadership team, has made the decision to begin the year with the distance learning scenario. Governor Tim Walz was set to announce statewide guidance regarding the fall opening of schools on July 27, but pushed that announcement back to tomorrow, July 30. Given our understanding of the guidelines for schools, we feel comfortable informing our community of this initial decision to assist with the planning process for the upcoming year. However, there is the possibility that this decision may be impacted by information the Governor releases on Thursday, July 30

We know this will likely be a relief to some families, and very frustrating for others. We have taken into consideration multiple factors, including the health and safety of our staff and students, and what the reality of a day at school would look like for our students right now given the need for continued social distancing. 

This plan will be reevaluated beginning the week of September 8 to determine if a gradual shift to a hybrid model is a safe and responsible choice. A continued monitoring of the Covid-19 virus impact on our community will be necessary to help determine the deliberate reintegration of students and staff back into the school building, transportation needs, and school activities. We ask for your continued patience as we navigate this unprecedented and ever-changing situation. Our mission, as it has always been, is to ensure we deliver the best possible individualized program to each of our students, and we will continue to strive to do this regardless of the format their learning takes place in this year. 

Spero Academy fully understands the challenges that come with this decision as well as the need to protect our students and staff.  We will be following this communication with additional information regarding instruction, supports, and curriculum/supply delivery within the next two weeks as we prepare for our first day of instruction on August 17th.

Thank you,

Dr. Chipp Windham
Executive Director

July 8, 2020

2020-2021 Calendar Update

Good morning Spero Academy Families.

On June 23, the Spero Academy Board of Directors approved an amended calendar for 2020-2021.  

Major Changes:

  • The start of the school year has been moved from August 10th to August 17th.
  • The Open House has been moved from August 6th to August 13th.
  • The Annual Meeting has been moved from August 6th to August 13th.

Last week, MDE and MDH published new guidelines regarding the start of next school year.  MDE has reviewed the MDH guidelines and asked that all schools develop three plans.

  • Full In-person Learning
  • Hybrid Learning
  • Distance Learning

All schools are required to create all three plans and have them ready by July 27th.  On or before July 27th, MDE and MDH will make the decision of what plan schools will be required to implement.  Since our initial approved calendar had a start date of August 10th for students, and a return to work for all staff on August 3rd, the school felt this was not enough time for teachers to develop work plans and lesson plans.  It was determined that staff need an additional week to formalize lesson plans for all three scenarios with the initial scenario being implemented on August 17th.  

I also want to take a moment to explain the relationship between the three scenarios and why MDE/MDH have required all three scenarios in our planning.

MDE shared that it is "quite likely" that throughout the year, any/all of the scenarios will be implemented at any time.  In March, Gov. Walz shut down all schools and allowed for eight (8) days of planning with no instructional time required.  For Spero Academy, this also came right before Spring Break, which meant our student went almost three weeks without instructional activities.

The planning that will take place in July (operational and work plans) will lay the foundation for the lesson plans that all teachers will be required to create for each scenario.  It is important to understand that NO additional time will be given to schools to plan for a change in scenarios IF/WHEN MDE/MDH determine that a shift from one scenario to another scenario is necessary.  This could literally be a week to week change depending on trends and projections for Covid-19 cases.  Therefore, to be ready for an immediate shift in scenarios, our staff needs the extra week of planning so that no instructional time is lost when school is in session.

Elementary schools are required to have 935 hours of instructional time.  Our previous calendar showed 999 hours of instructional time.  The new revised/approved calendar shows 975 hours, which means even with shortening the school year by one week, we will still meet the required amount of instructional hours.

This has not been an easy decision to make; however, given the need to be ready to make an immediate shift in instructional methods, we feel this is the best alternative we can make to ensure as seamless a transition as possible should the need arise. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.  I will be out of the office from July 3-12, but will do my best to answer questions when possible.

Again, thank you as we approach these challenges together.

Dr. Chipp Windham
Executive Director

April 29, 2020

Important Dates for the End of the 2019-2020 School Year

Hello Spero Families and Staff,

We want to provide an update for you on some important dates as we look ahead following the announcement that we will be distance learning through the end of the year.  

    • As directed by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), staff will use May 4th to plan with their teams for distance learning for the rest of the school year. 
    • If your student receives on-site child care, we will still provide childcare on Monday, May 4th.
    • As scheduled, this is a holiday and there will be no instruction taking place on this day.
  • June 25 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
    • Based on guidance from MDE, schools with approved flexible learning plans are to follow their established calendar, therefore Spero Academy will be conducting distance learning through the end of our established calendar, which ends on June 25. More information about expectations, activities, and when materials such as curriculum and technology will be picked up and returned to Spero Academy will be communicated closer to the end of the year.
  • August 10, 2020 - FIRST DAY OF 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR
    • As of right now, the first day we expect to resume school is the start of the 2020-2021 school year, currently scheduled for August 10th. This is subject to change based on guidance from MDE and Governor Tim Walz. We will continue to let you know if any changes are necessary.

Our creative staff is planning some wonderful end of the year activities and events for students - virtually, of course! We will be in touch with more information as those plans come together. In the meantime, please continue to reach out with any questions or concerns.


Chipp Windham
Executive Director

April 23, 2020

Spero Academy will Complete 19-20 School Year via Distance Learning

Hello Spero Families and Staff, 

Governor Walz announced during his press conference today that Minnesota schools will be practicing distance learning through the end of the 19-20 school year. Our school year is currently scheduled to end on Thursday, June 25. Once we receive additional clarification on the Minnesota Department of Education’s (MDE) expectations for schools with non-traditional calendars, we will be able to share information about how long our distance learning programming will last.  While we know this is a challenging time, we will continue to support our students to the best of our ability from a distance as we have been doing for the last several weeks. 

MDE will be providing additional guidance to schools over the next week to help us continue to improve our Distance Learning Plan (DLP). More information about additional support and changes to our DLP will be released as we learn about the resources MDE is providing and are able to adapt our own plans to best support our students. 

We want to thank our staff and our families for all the amazing efforts they are making to provide for our students -- educationally, nutritionally, caregiving, and social and emotional.  As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


The Spero Academy Administrative Team



April 2, 2020

Complete Distance Learning Plan Now Available


To all Spero Academy Families and Community,

On Friday, March 27th, all schools were required to post a Distance Learning Plan (DLP) for their school or district.  Spero Academy has posted this information.  The original information provided a basic framework for instructional methods and links for additional questions.

Since then, we have been working on a more detailed plan that will help students, families, and our staff navigate distance learning over the next few weeks. View the complete Spero Academy DLP. It can also be found on the DLP page of our website, linked above.

Please take a few minutes to review the document so you are prepared for distance learning to begin this coming Monday, April 6. .

If you have any questions, please respond to this email or reach out to your student's classroom teacher.

Thank you,
Chipp Windham


March 27, 2020

Distance Learning Plan Now Available


Hello Spero Community - 

You can now view the Distance Learning Plan webpage

Families will receive additional information next week to help them prepare for distance learning to begin on Monday, April 6. 

March 26, 2020

Message from Executive Director Chipp Windham


To all Spero Academy Families and Community:

Yesterday, Governor Walz and Commissioner Ricker shared information with all schools that will impact operations and instruction for the next few weeks.  The information below will outline what we currently know and how we plan to address this information.

Spring Break: March 30 - April 3

  • We will continue our plans with Spring Break next week.  No school activity will take place with two exceptions.  
  • Next week, technology devices will be distributed through our transportation company for families who requested technology.  Additionally, all distance learning materials will be distributed as we prepare for distance learning to begin on April 6, 2020.

Distance Learning: April 6 - April 30

  • Distance learning has now been extended through April 30 at a minimum.  An extension of distance learning will be re-evaluated in April. For now, the plan is that all Teachers will be back in the school Friday, May 1 and Monday, May 4 to prepare for a re-opening that will begin TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2020 should an extension of distance learning be avoided.
  • Teachers and students are expected to communicate and engage daily throughout the entire distance learning schedule.  This will take on various forms, which will be addressed by each teacher to ensure that instruction is taking place. All student attendance will be tracked through this engagement plan.

Child Care for Essential Workers

  • All Tier 1 & 2 students who are receiving childcare will continue to have access to care beginning April 6th through April 30th.  Future care will be dependent upon the re-evaluation of the distance learning mandate.  

We will be in touch next week about when you can expect technology and/or your student’s distance learning materials to be delivered. A new page on our website detailing the distance learning plan will be available by the end of the day tomorrow, Friday, March 27. 

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we plan the very best education for your student(s) during this time.


Chipp Windham
Executive Director

March 17, 2020

Message from Executive Director Chipp Windham


Hello Families,

We know this must be a challenging time with everyone in your home trying to figure out new routines. We want to clarify when you can expect materials and curriculum for your students, as there have been some questions since our students have been at home the last couple of days. 

As soon as the governor announced that Minnesota schools would be closed, Spero Academy began to prepare for the possibility of distance learning.  The following information should provide a guide for your expectations regarding the timelines and state requirements for instructional content.

  • All schools will be working to create distance learning plans until March 27th, 2020.  During this time, NO INSTRUCTION will take place. Teachers will not be sending work home or making content available.
  • On March 27th, or before, all schools will post their distance learning plan to their website and submit their plan to MDE.  Parents are encouraged to review the website daily for this information beginning next week.
  • On March 27th, or before, the state and MDE will re-evaluate the closure.  This evaluation could result in two outcomes: 
    • Schools may resume in-person work on March 30th.  If schools resume in-person work, Spero Academy will not resume until April 6th, 2020 so that all staff and students can still follow our Spring break schedule.
    • The school closure could be extended.  If the closure is extended, Spero Academy will begin distance learning instruction on April 6th, 2020.

Please remember, regardless of the decision to end or extend the mandated closure, NO INSTRUCTION WILL BE TAKING PLACE UNTIL APRIL 6TH, 2020. We know it is difficult to have your students home and want activities to keep them learning and engaged, but our teachers need this uninterrupted work time until the 27th to prepare distance learning plans that will meet all of our students’ needs and goals. We appreciate your understanding and willingness to give our teachers the time they need to create the very best learning plans, regardless of whether your student will be back in person or learning at home on Monday, April 6.

Thank you,

Chipp Windham

March 17, 2020

Message from Executive Director Chipp Windham

Dear Families,

We want to provide information to answer some questions about how and when resources and materials will be delivered for your students.

How Will Supplies Get To My Student?
Our transportation company that usually drives students to school will be delivering resources for us during this time. If we are delivering food or curriculum resources, it will be done through Contemporary Transportation, and we will contact you ahead of time to give you a window of time for delivery. An adult will need to be present and come out to meet the van in order to accept the food or materials. If no one is home when the van arrives with your food or materials, they cannot leave them unattended and we will have to reschedule a delivery time. 

If your family would prefer to come pick curriculum resources up at the school building instead, we will send a survey out prior to that delivery so you can select your preferred method of getting your student’s supplies. 

When Will Things Be Delivered?

  • FOOD: Food for families that requested it will be delivered starting tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18 in the morning. Families will receive breakfast and lunch for Wednesday and Thursday tomorrow, March 18, between 10am - 12pm. On Monday, March 23rd, we will be delivering a week’s worth of breakfast and lunches around the same time. We will also deliver a week's worth of breakfast and lunches on Monday, March 30, 2020. 
  • TECHNOLOGY: If it is determined that distance learning will continue April 6 and beyond, technology devices - if your family indicated that you need one for your student to access curriculum - will be delivered (or picked up, if that is your preference) on Thursday, April 2 or Friday, April 3 so that you are prepared for instruction to resume on Monday, April 6. Guardians will be required to sign an agreement taking responsibility for the safety and responsible use of the school-owned technology prior to receiving the device. We will contact your family individually to schedule a time for drop-off or pick-up of technology devices. 
  • CURRICULUM:  If it is determined that distance learning will continue April 6 and beyond and your student’s teacher is providing paper materials, this curriculum will be delivered (or picked up, if that is your preference) on Thursday, April 2 or Friday, April 3 so that you are prepared for instruction to resume on Monday, April 6. 

What Will Distance Learning Be Like?
This will be a little different for every student, depending on their needs and goals. Teachers are required to check in with their students daily during distance learning, and your student’s teacher will be in touch with more information about what that will look like for your family once they have the opportunity to develop the plans for each student over the next two weeks. 

Other Resources
We have put together a list of resources that may be helpful for your family over the next few weeks, including how to get free internet if you do not currently have it at home, where to find other food resources if you are in need, as well as some websites that are offering free educational resources, information on the pandemic, and other things. The resources in this document are not a substitute or part of the curriculum your student’s teacher is currently developing, but we hope you may find something helpful in them during this two-week planning period and the week of Spring Break while those individual plans are in development. We will continue to update this document as we find additional resources that we think may be helpful to our Spero families. You can find the document in English and in Spanish.

Our plans are still in development, and we will continue sending out information as it is available. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we work to serve each of our students as best we can in these uncertain times. 

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. 


Chipp Windham
Executive Director

March 16, 2020

Message from Executive Director Chipp Windham

Dear Families,

Yesterday, Governor Tim Walz and Education Commissioner Mary Cathryn Ricker announced that all Minnesota public schools will close to students starting Wednesday, March 18, 2020 with the plan to resume instruction on Monday, March 30, 2020. Spero Academy’s spring break is scheduled for March 30-April 3, so we will resume instruction for our students on Monday, April 6. 

During the school closure for students, Spero Academy will be joining school districts and charter schools across the state to create plans to equitably distribute distance learning to our students should we need to close schools statewide for a longer period of time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Minnesota Department of Education is defining distance learning to mean that a student receives daily interaction with their licensed teacher(s) and appropriate educational materials. Starting March 30, 2020, per the instruction from the Minnesota Department of Education, student learning will continue for the rest of the school year. Because this falls during our spring break, instruction for our students will resume on Monday, April 6.

Our first communication sent yesterday during the governor’s press conference indicated that distance learning options would be provided during this time, which will not be the case. It was written prior to our staff fully understanding the expectations of the governor and the Department of Education for schools over the next two weeks, and we apologize for our misunderstanding and the resulting miscommunication. 

Our educators will be giving thoughtful planning to our distance learning plan, offering careful consideration for students in a variety of areas, including students receiving special education services, multilingual learners, students experiencing homelessness, and students who rely on meals served at school.

Once our distance learning plan is finalized we will communicate the plan to families via email.

As always, our first priority is the safety and well-being of our students. We also want to ensure every child has access to the education they need and deserve.

We will continue to keep you informed as we navigate COVID-19.

Executive Director
Chipp Windham

March 15, 2020

URGENT MESSAGE from Executive Director Chipp Windham

At 10:00 this morning, Governor Tim Walz announced that Minnesota schools will be closed WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18 - FRIDAY, MARCH 27. Schools are allowed to close before March 18, but Spero Academy WILL BE OPEN MONDAY, MARCH 16 and TUESDAY, MARCH 17 for students to allow families as much time as possible to prepare for this closure.

School closures beyond Friday, March 27 will be evaluated on a daily basis. Spero Academy's Spring Break is scheduled for March 30-April 2, which will continue as scheduled. 

In accordance with guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education, distance learning options will be available for all students. Spero Academy is working quickly to ensure our students have access to educational options appropriate for their individual needs as much as possible. We will announce as soon as possible when our distance learning options are available for students. Our teachers and paraprofessionals will be involved in providing these distance learning options on a daily basis. No distance learning options will be provided over the previously scheduled Spring Break week.

The Minnesota Department of Education will issue additional guidance for students who receive special education services, and those who rely on food service. Spero Academy is also working on gathering additional resources for our families who rely on our hot lunch program to provide meals for their students. Please check back for additional information as we continue to organize our plans to provide the best education we can over the next few weeks. 

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we work togehter to figure out the best possible resources for our students. Check this space regularly for the most updated information. 

March 12, 2020

Message from Executive Director Chipp Windham

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to create a need for many schools to create a working response plan, Spero Academy continues to monitor our resident district, Minneapolis Public Schools, and recommendations from both the Minnesota Health Department and MDE.  In reviewing the information and recommendations that are available, Spero Academy has begun making preparations for potential interruptions in our program. While contingency plans are in development, NO FIRM DECISION TO CLOSE THE SCHOOL HAS BEEN MADE. Spero Academy is simply preparing for this possibility as well as limiting potential risk in controllable areas.

Spero Academy has already increased the amount of sanitation that is taking place around the building.  Our facilities team continues to clean every surface with appropriate and approved cleaning agents multiple times a day, and the staff is working with our students to make sure they are washing their hands often. 

While Spero Academy can monitor the school environment, Spero Academy has chosen to reschedule the all school field trip to Elsie's Bowling on March 19th, 2020 due in part to our inability to monitor the cleanliness of the bowling alley.   A new date for this field trip will be shared at a later date. The school will be providing an alternative bowling program at the school that day. We have already ordered some exciting equipment that will allow our students to still have a bowling experience at the school.  At this time, allowing the students to touch the bowling balls or equipment in a public space, outside of the school, is a risk that we are unwilling to take. Secondly, our monthly assembly will be cancelled on March 26th. Both decisions have been made to limit risk for both students and staff.

If Spero Academy does make the decision to close school for an extended period of time, teachers have already begun to prepare curriculum for students to work on at home.  This will be available in a variety of ways such as hard copies of work that will be sent home with the students, and online content that will also allow for live feedback and instruction from our teachers.  More at-home learning choices are still being considered, but only in place of school closure should this become necessary. At this time, no at-home learning programs are in place if a parent chooses to keep their child home as a precautionary measure.

Spero Academy is dedicated to educating our students, but we are also committed to providing a safe learning environment.  If our environment is compromised, or if our local community deems it necessary to create immediate alternative plans, we will share that information as quickly as possible.  Please continue to refer to this webpage for more updates.  For any additional questions, please feel free to contact the school.

Thank you for your understanding as we keep our students' and staff's best interest in mind.

March 12, 2020

Message from Executive Director Chipp Windham

As I'm sure you are aware, the recent outbreak of COVID-19 continues to create uncertainty and concern.  Across the nation, and more specifically in our state, schools and governmental agencies are distributing fact sheets and plans in case emergency measures are required in response to the virus should local impact become an immediate concern.  

Please refer to this page for updates and provisionary plans for Spero Academy should the need arise for school-wide response.

Thank you for your attention to this concern.  

March 12, 2020

Email from our Health Services Department

Spero Families, 

Many people have questions about the outbreak of a respiratory illness caused by a new coronavirus called COVID-19, especially how it may affect schools. From H1N1 to the measles, Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), which is Spero Academy’s resident district, has demonstrated its ability to manage illness outbreaks in a coordinated, strategic way that prioritizes the health of our students, families and staff. MPS has been monitoring COVID-19 closely over the last few months and meeting regularly to develop plans.

The City of Minneapolis’s Health Department is actively monitoring the situation in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention. MPS are working closely with the City, Hennepin County, and the State as well to stay up-to-date on the best ways to keep students and staff safe. For now, MPS are following their lead and recommendations. Soon they will be providing additional information laying out their plans, including potential impacts to MPS-sponsored travel. MPS will also keep their website regularly updated.

Here at Spero we promote ways to prepare, you can too — the same as you would for colds and flu:

  • Protect yourself and others by washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Always wash hands with soap and water if hands are visibly dirty.
  • Cover your cough and sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash; avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • If you or your child are sick, stay home.
  • Frequently clean all commonly touched work surfaces, work areas, and equipment using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.(e.g., telephones, doorknobs, lunch areas, countertops, items used etc.).
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

With nonstop news coverage and high levels of uncertainty the COVID-19 can feel scary and overwhelming.  You can be assured that along with MPS, Spero Academy is keeping abreast of the what is recommended by MDH and the CDC and we will keep you informed accordingly.

Roxann Manaen RN
School Nurse 
Spero Academy Health Services

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